Wedding of

Hannah & Ross


Monday 27th February, 2017


Kirkley Hall, Ponteland, Northumberland

Bumping fists with Wedding Rings


The Beautiful Bride.


The Handsome Groom.




Our Story

The evening

Evening reception starts at 5pm. There will be music, dancing, drinking and breakfast stotties for all guests.

The Boiler Fund

Hannah & Ross do not have a gift list as there isn’t anything they need.

…however their kingdom doesn’t have a working boiler!

If by chance you would like to give something they would be very grateful for any contribution towards the boiler fund via a paypal account to




Best Men

Andrew Johnson Best Man

What can I say about my older brother?
Nout much.
Some call him a deviant.
I do too.

Mathew Best Man

Mathew knows where the bodies are buried.
He also knows what to do in case of death.
Delete browser history.



Cat Chapman The Jungle Princess

Cat has been a BFF since first year of university and she loves hot chocolate, real life adventures and digging up cool ancient stuff (seriously, ask her, she’s an archaeologist with the muddy trousers to prove it!).

She lives in York with her man-friend Sam; he would have been a bridesmaid too if it wasn’t for the fact that he’d upstage all of the ladies the second he put on a dress. Cat is going to have the burden of making sure there is always a drink in Hannah’s hand making sure she doesn’t fall over. May the old gods and the new be with you, Cat.

Kayleigh Green The Flame Princess

Kayleigh has been a BFF since summer 2009 when she and Hannah met up for a coffee and a peruse around Forbidden Planet. They both share a love of all things nerdy and putting the world to rights over chai lattes (we don’t do late nights, being a  grown up is too hard for that!). Kayleigh is going to be responsible for making sure Hannah’s dress behaves itself as well as sharing the joys of keeping her upright with Cat. Kayleigh, the struggle will be real but you can do it… maybe.



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